Installing the backend

We provide binary Ubuntu packages of the latest beta and release versions of the CARTA backend. You can install the beta version with all dependencies by adding our PPA to your system and running apt-get install carta-backend-beta. Please refer to our Ubuntu Focal instructions for more details.


The casacore-data package is recommended by the backend package, but installing it is optional. The packages in our PPA should be compatible both with the casacore-data package in the core Ubuntu repositories and with the package provided by the Kern PPAs. You may also wish to manage the required data files without using a package.

To install the backend on a different host system, or to install a custom version, you can build it from source from the backend repository on GitHub.

Installing the frontend

If you install the controller from NPM, the corresponding packaged version of the frontend will also be installed automatically. If you wish to install the controller from source, or would like to use a custom frontend version, you can install it from the frontend repository on GitHub.

Installing the controller

You can install the beta version of the CARTA controller from NPM by running npm install -g carta-controller@beta, or from GitHub by cloning the controller repository and running npm install.

Running the controller

After you have installed the backend and the controller and edited the controller configuration, you can start the controller with npm run start (if installing from the source on GitHub) or just by running carta-controller (if installing the package from NPM). You can use a utility such as forever or pm2 to keep the controller running. It is also possible to create a pm2 startup script which will automatically start the controller when the system is rebooted.